Dear HDB/Private Property Owners,

You need to know this if your property is above 20 years old now

Many buyers and home owners that we have met and spoken to are actually Not Aware of what is going to happen to their Property When It Reaches 40 Years Old.

We were marketing a HDB at Toa Payoh which was left with about 56 years old balance lease. A young couple came down for the viewing. The youngest buyer was aged 23 years old only.

They liked the unit and ask me to do a financial plan for them to assess if they can afford this property. After going thru the financial plan, I actually realised they are not allowed to use their CPF savings at all!

They were both shocked and surprised to hear this.

  • For property with a remaining lease of less than 30 years, buyer will not be eligible to use CPF savings to purchase property.
  • For property with a remaining lease of less than 60 but at least 30 years, if the buyer’s age plus the remaining lease of the HDB flat is less than 80 years, they will also not be allowed to use CPF savings to purchase the property.
  • The maximum amount of CPF that can be used is capped at a percentage of the lower of the purchase price and the value of the property at the time of purchase. The percentage is computed based on the remaining lease of the property when the youngest eligible member using CPF reaches age 55, as shown below :
    Remaining lease when the youngest eligible owner using CPF turns 55 / Remaining lease at the point of purchase
    X lower of purchase price or value of the property.
    If You Do Not Know The Above, Please Do Not Panic.
    You Are Not Alone.
    Do you know what are the other things that will happen to your property when it reaches 40 years old?
  • What will possibly happen to my property when it reaches its 99 year tenure?
  • What will happen to the loan tenure for your property as it ages?
  • What you can actually do now to protect your property asset?
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  • How to reduce your monthly mortgage easily using this methods
  • How to spot property with high capital upside potential to build your first or next pot of gold?
  • A safety roadmap plan that navigate you through the jungle of knowledge so you can retire comfortably.
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    Current Proud Owners Of 2 Private Properties.

    Our initial plan was just to sell our existing place and upgrade to a bigger house. But Vincent shared with us that it is possible to own two private properties for our case easily without coming out much cash from our savings and the importance of having a second property as our savings and investment.

    We had never thought that we could become a landlord so soon and at the same time realized our dream of owning a bigger house.

    Today we are the proud owner of two private properties thanks to Vincent.

    - Bryan & Melissa -

    We had engaged a few agents to market our unit for some time but were having difficulties in selling until we met Vincent and Melissa. Initially we were quite skeptical on the idea of exclusive marketing when they first brought it up. However we decided to give them a chance based on their sincerity. And to our surprises, our flat was sold within two weeks and at our desired price !

    Vincent and Melissa are very hardworking and worked into midnight to make this deal happen for us.

    We were impressed by their speed in closing and dedication to their work.

    - Mr & Mrs Joseph Lee -

    First and foremost, both myself-Angeline and James would like to express our gratitude in helping us to find our dream unit in a short span of a month plus. Your dedication, patience and strong support has helped us walked through since day one and thus far.

    Your humble and soft-spoken personality made us feel comfortable and at ease at all times. Both of you were none reluctant to provide guidance and explanation and were always there for us whenever problems arised. We are thankful and blessed that we have choosen you to be our agent.

    We deeply appreciate your excellent service rendered to us ! Thumbs up to both of you !

    - Angeline & James -




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